Inpriva is proud to offer the healthcare community hDirectMail, the first fully secure and electronic means for sending and receiving patient protected health information. With hDirectMail you can instantly send patient PHI to any other provider without having to use a fax machine. And because Inpriva’s service and network are designed and operated in compliance with the Dept. of Health & Human Services Direct Project, you can be assured that the information you send is secure.

With hDirectMail, healthcare providers can now fully meet the meaningful use criteria for the sending of electronic clinical records and qualify for their incentive payments. Not only can you send information to other providers and business associates, but you can also update records in the Health Information Exchanges. To learn more, review the service description for hDirectMail and find out how easy it is to use.


Healthcare Grade e-Mail for Healthcare Professionals
hDirectMail service enables healthcare professionals to securely send and receive patient healthcare information electronically and meet meaningful use requirements. hDirectMail is faster and more secure than fax and you can use it today with or without an EHR system. Using hDirectMail is as easy as using your current electronic mail system and it provides you with an auditable stream of communications that your fax can never provide. hDirectMail is HIPAA and HITECH compliant and enables you to send messages instantly to any provider or business associate you work with.

Stop Faxing………Use hDirectMail
Every hDirect-Mail account includes the following features.

Digital Identity
Inpriva issues you a unique digital identity and PKI certificate so you can securely send and receive PHI. Only you and the intended recipient can access and read the information. Inpriva’s Digital Identity package is HIPAA and HITECH compliant and meets the requirements of the DIRECTPROJECT. For the first time you’ll know with absolute certainty who sent you information and who received yours.

Secure Encryption
All messages and access use industry standard encryption technologies so you never have to worry about an unauthorized party being able to read your messages. You access to hDirectMail is encrypted using SSL technology and then every message you send is uniquely encrypted so only the addressed recipient can access it and read it.

Easy Transition
hDirect-Mail is accessible through many standard email clients including Microsoft Outlook, MacOS Mail, Thunderbird and others. If you know how to use email, you can start using hDriectMail today. Plus hDirect-Mail is accessible through any web-browser and any browser enabled device by using our web-portal access services. hDirect-Mail supports secure POP and IMAP connections.

Designed for EHR Integration
hDirect-Mail supports both the XDM and XDR protocols and can be integrated into any certified EHR System.

HIPAA & HITECH Compliant
hDirect-Mail enables health care providers to meet the stringent requirements defined in both HIPAA and HITECH Acts and enables users to meet meaningful use requirements for the transmission of electronic medical records.

Control Panel
Every customer has the ability to self administer hDirect-Mail services, establishing new mailboxes and terminating old mailboxes on-line, anytime. More importantly, our control panel allows end-users to define who they trust to send and receive PHI to and from, providing a level of security unavailable through fax or US Mail.

10 Gigabytes of Storage
Every mailbox comes with 10 Gigabytes of standard storage so you don’t have to worry about running out of capacity. But if you do need more storage, you’re just a click away from adding additional storage or longer term archiving to any mailbox.

Look-up Directory
Find other healthcare professionals easily with our look-up directory, saving you time and ensuring that you are sending your messages to a trusted recipient. If you can’t find a health care provider or business associate in the Directory you can still send information to them securely through our secure web-portal access service.

Large File Attachments
Don’t worry about those large files and attachments, just send them. With the largest attachment size in the industry, you can be certain your messages will get through to the recipient.

Mailbox Audit Support
hDirectMail provides HIPAA compliant audit capabilities free of charge to every customer. For every message that uses hDirectMail you will have an electronic record of who sent it, when it was sent, when it was read and a complete set of any attachments.

Custom Trust Communities
Every hDirectMail account is able to define their own Trust Communities ensuring that your organization is only sending and receiving messages from parties you trust.

Custom Sub-Domains
Every hDirectMail customer is provided a custom sub-domain for free, so other companies you work with can easily find you. Custom domains are also available.

Web-Portal Access Services
With our web-portal access services you can securely access your hDirectmail account from any web enabled device without going through your email client. That means any desk-top, lap-top, smartphone or tablet, any device with a key-board and web access to be used to send and receive PHI securely from your hDirectMail account.

Securely Send Messages to Anyone
Now you can send secure PHI right from your hDirectMail account to any provider or associate you work with and know it is protected and only accessible by the individual you addressed the message to. If the addressee is not a user of hDrectmail or another secure mail service we will hold the message in our secure network and send the recipient a notification that they have secure email from you. The addressee can then securely sign in to our web-portal access service and review and download the information you have sent, they can even send you a response. You’ll be notified by Inpriva when they accessed it.

Inpriva provides the easiest, most secure electronic transfer of healthcare information available today. Our system allows you to access patient information and share it with other healthcare providers as easily as sending an email. We handle all of the security and HIPPA compliance so that you can focus on the patient.

The Inpriva system was created to simplify the process of accessing patient records so that healthcare providers can spend more time providing care and less time chasing paper records. Inpriva encrypts all messages and attachments and sends them directly to the recipient’s inbox so only the recipient can access them. Because Inpriva maintains a secure record of all messages we maintain an automatic back-up of all communications. Our secure network instantly sends a notification to the recipient because Inpriva maintains a record of all messages.


  • Send a message to another Secure Address
  • You choose the recipient from your contacts
  • You compose your message
  • You attach any documents that are needed

Why this is better than a fax:

  • It arrives instantly
  • You have an auditable record
  • You know exactly who received your message
  • Your message is encrypted

Your Audit record will show:

  • When it was sent
  • To whom it was sent
  • Exactly what was sent, including attachments
  • When it was read
  • Any reply to your message


  • You choose the recipient from your contacts
  • You compose your message
  • You attach any documents that are needed

The Recipient:

  • Receives a notification that they have secure email from you
  • The recipient must log onto Inpriva’s secure web portal
  • The recipient can read you message and attachments
  • They can download the attachments if they choose
  • The recipient can reply to your message securely

Your Audit Record will show:

  • When it was sent
  • To whom it was sent
  • Exactly what was sent, including attachments
  • When it was read
  • Any reply to your message