Inpriva’s mission is to enable the secure transmission of patient protected health information between healthcare providers, health information exchanges and healthcare service providers. For the past ten years we have helped develop the standards, policies and practices which enable the secure electronic transmission of electronic healthcare records. And now Inpriva is set to the lead the healthcare industry into the 21st century.

With Inpriva’s services, healthcare professionals can replace fax machines and US Mail service with a fully secure and auditable electronic messaging service that is HIPAA compliant. Our services make it possible for any EHR system to directly communicate with any other EHR system, seamlessly and instantly. Improving patient care by improving communications, that’s what Inpriva is about.

Inpriva was founded in 2002 by Don Jorgenson, who continues to lead the company and the industry in adopting open standards and methods for secure transmission of PHI. Inpriva is a privately held company headquartered in Fort Collins, CO. Inpriva is an active participant and reference implementation partner for the DirectProject and has advised many state, federal and international institutions in regard to security and electronic transmission of PHI.