DSM Resource Page

Transition Support

What to expect with the transition from the Orion DSM platform to the new Inpriva DSM platform.

New DSM Registration

Online registration only takes a few minutes.  Our guide and tutorial will walk you through the process.

Sending to a Non Direct Address

When you need to send a secure message to someone who does not have a Direct address.

Find or Validate a Direct Address

Learn about the Direct addresses loaded in your address book and how to validate that the Direct address you are using has a valid Direct certificate.

DSM Management for Administrators

As an Administrators for your Direct domain you have the ability to create and manage users and mailbox access as needed.

DSM Webmail

From logging in for the first time to sending and receiving and message.  Review the basic functions to exchange Direct secure messages.

CCDA Viewer

You don’t have to have an EHR to receive a CCDA document.  See how you can easily transform CCDA documents into readable forms.

Request a Demo

So, you’ve reviewed the resource pages and still don’t see what you need?  Contact us and we would be glad to schedule a demo for you and your team if its helpful.